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Jogg Management

Save your team time.
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  • contents
  • automatic verbatim transcription
  • highlight clip creation & additional notes on clips
  • global comprehensive search
  • automatic sentiment analysis & filtering by sentiment
  • archive, favorite & delete reply videos
  • download clips, audio & transcription + dropbox integration
  • export name & email .csv file
  • stations
  • multiple brand support

Automatic Verbatim Transcription

With 99.9% accuracy, Jogg Studio goes above and beyond the limitations of algorithm-only transcription to ensure that what your audience says is transcribed in their voice, not a machine’s. Authenticity is imperative and only human-curated, best-in-class transcription can deliver the quality you need for your transcription to provide value. In addition, all transcription comes with rigorous, multi-layered security, so you can trust your efforts are safe and that privacy is protected. On top of it all, we deliver your transcription in just minutes!

Highlight Clip Creation & Additional Notes on Clips

Highlight any section of your transcripts and they will be automatically edited into a video clip. This makes going through video significantly faster and ensures that you are able to pull insights easier than ever before. You can even add a note to “tag” clips, making them searchable if you want to make searching for them easier. Best of all, your highlight clips automatically generate a report you can easily share if you choose!

Global Comprehensive Search

Easily search for anything - words, phrases, notes, clips, etc. Your results will appear neatly organized so you can see where exactly your results are coming from. Any moment from any amount of video can be found in an instant, saving you and your team countless hours of time.

Automatic Sentiment Analysis & Filtering By Sentiment

Your video replies will all be analyzed and automatically deliver sentiment analysis that enables you to see whether your audience response is positive, neutral or negative. You can even use sentiment to filter which videos you wish to focus on!

Archive, Favorite & Delete Reply Videos

As video replies privately come in to your inbox, you can organize them by archiving them, favoriting them or deleting them. If you choose, you can even have certain video replies show up publicly with your Jogg if you want to share your favorites or provide your audience with good example video replies.

Download Clips, Audio & Transcription + Dropbox Integration

All video you gather using Jogg Studio belongs to you, so you are free to download the video or save it to Dropbox. Audio is already separated from the video for you if you would like to download it for a podcast or other use as well. Plus, all of your verbatim transcripts are available for download as .PDF or .docx files.

Export Name & E-mail .CSV File

Utilizing the names and e-mails from everyone who submits a video is incredibly simple. Simply export the .CSV file and you will have an organized and manageable list to use for your ongoing efforts.

Secure Link Regeneration

Security is paramount, so the links you share that require privacy have been designed to provide you, your team and your audience with the very best protection. We’d tell you how we do it, but then we wouldn’t exactly be protecting your privacy now, would we? 😜


Gather Joggs into a playlist to send multiple prompts to your audience with a single link. Stations can be public to serve your content strategy or private to build stronger relationships with VIPs by inviting them to exclusive calls-to-action. You can even white label your station to stay on brand!

Multiple Brand Support

Easily manage and switch between multiple brands within your account. Managing numerous efforts across multiple accounts is fast and simple.