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Improve engagement from everyone by improving how you engage them

We're all sick of surveys; taking them or making them. Authentic expression can't be filled out in a form or typed into a box.

Get more personal. Gain more insight.

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Jogg Creation Coach

A step-by-step guide to creating a Jogg and setting you up for success with helpful tips and prompts to ensure that you get the most out of every feature. With no experience at all, you can create a Jogg in just a few minutes!

Video Prompt Request

Not in the same location as the person you want in your video prompt? No problem - you can easily send them a request that requires nothing from them except recording the video. Once they have recorded the prompt video, it's automatically added to your Jogg so you can approve it and be ready for launch.

Jogg Scheduler

Your Jogg will start and end exactly when you want it to with Jogg's simple scheduler. Choose the day and time you wish for your Jogg to launch and when you want it to no longer accept video replies. Upon ending, the Send Video button will disappear so you remain in control of video submissions.

Reply Duration Control

Limit the length of your audience's video replies by choosing how long they have to reply. This allows you to keep things short and sweet or offer people a chance to go into greater detail for you. Jogg sets your audience's expectations appropriately by letting them know exactly how long they'll have to reply to make things easier for them.

Custom Terms of Service

Keep your legal team happy by making it easy for your audience to access and understand the unique terms you are asking people to agree to. Jogg protects your brand or organization by ensuring that no video is uploaded without a clear, friendly opt-in. Whether securing rights to submitted videos or complying with necessary contest or sweepstakes rules; everyone will be on the same page.

Custom Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to everyone and as GDPR compliance and evolving regulations continue to intensify, Jogg protects both you and your audience by allowing you to communicate the specifics of your privacy policy and also making sure that every person who interacts with Jogg has their data protected and that any personal info they opt in to be deleted at their request.

Dynamic Auto-Reply Emails

Following-up with people who send you video replies will ensure that your brand or organization connects in a more meaningful way. Letting people know that you reviewed their video expresses an appreciation for their effort and empathy for their perspective. Not only does Jogg help strengthen your relationships, it enables you to re-engage with individuals by offering a simple way to automatically send individuals a follow-up link to rewards, invites to video chats, exclusive content or anything that can be easily shared using a link - like another Jogg!

Specialty Instructions

Make sure important details are shared up front and that everyone knows exactly what will set everyone's efforts up for success by including additional instructions. You can also include these details in your video prompt, but Jogg makes sure all your bases are covered by giving you an additional way to communicate specifics that you want included in your video replies

Specialty Rewards

Dramatically increase engagement and encourage greater results by offering rewards to some or all of those who send you videos. You have the freedom to choose whatever kind of reward best suits your effort, whether it's big, small or simply a shout out to the individuals who sent you amazing videos. By letting everyone know up front that they have an opportunity to be rewarded and what it might be you can give back to those giving to you!

Jogg Embed Code

Seamlessly embed Joggs into any website using the Jogg embed code. Reaching existing audiences is easy when you simply add a Jogg to a site where your audience already is or if you want to involve Jogg in a larger campaign. Embed codes are included with every Jogg, so you automatically have everything you need to share with your web team.

Add Context Info to Video

Choose what additional information you want your audience to submit along with their video. Custom fields enable you to choose what info is important to you. Designed with a focus on empathy to ensure you do not overwhelm your audience by asking too much or focusing on more cold, binary data than warm, nuanced insights.